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Greetings Merchants!

There will be a server update on wednesday, September 13 at 21:00:00 ~ 22:00:00 Global Server Time (EST).

Changes ade to the game are listed below.

The Great Merchant Website( will be down for maintenance as well.

Thank you for your patience and continued support for the game.

The Great Merchant Customer Service Team


[Patch V27207]

1. Equipment for 'Dhrtarastra' and 'Vaisravana'has been added.
-  You can find menu has been activated Lokapala weapon to 'Messenger NPC' of indra in Sumeru.
- 'Advanced Kirin Horn','Advanced Vermillion Beak','Dhrtarastra Sheath', 'Flame Stone','Awakening stone','Source of Power'items are can be used to evolve into this equipment The 'The Emperor Sword' of 'Dhrtarastra'.
- 'Advanced Kirin Horn', 'Advanced Tortise Needle', 'Vaisravana Bipa Fragment', 'Frozen Stone', 'Awakening stone', 'Source of Power'items are can be used to evolve into this equipment The 'The Emperor lute' of 'Vaisravana'.
- 'Fire Sword' skill of 'The Emperor Sword' is used automatically at the beginning of the battle. Depending on the amount of damage done by 'Dhrtarastra', 3 Fire Swords are created, As it disappears, it becomes a Phoenix, damaging the enemy twice.
- If Fire Sword is created around 'Vaisravana', it absorbs damage as much as 'Vaisravana'. If you get damage enough to die, the sword disappears instead of you.  There is some delay time to absorb the damage again
- 'The guardian' skill of 'The Emperor lute' is used automatically at the beginning of the battle. this skill supports attacks airborne boss monster with a Summons of guardian archer and supports of survival.
- 'Guard Archer' skill fire to Icy Arrow, which double damage to an air monster. If you die in battle, you can not recall it.

2. Enhanced Monster system has been added.
- 'Messenger of the White Corn' NPC performs Enhanced Monster mission Located at 10 o'clock in 'Mt. Sumi'.
- Hire Ghosthound can awaken with Thunder stone x 50, Horn with thunder spirits x 50, snakes Leather full fill in thunder x 50, Sphere that contains the Lightning energy x 50, Monster Soul x 50, Source of Power x 2, Awaken Stone  x 3 items.
- Hire Ghosthound at awakening has a total stats of 10/10 bonus as a bonus, all the stats and resistance changes.
- "Awakening Ghosthound" has "The thorn of blitzkrieg" skill. it agility is affected.
- "Awakening Ghosthound" of "Bomber" attribute skill, "The thorn of blitzkrieg" can enhance the skill.
- If you had 'Awakening Ghosthound',You can no longer be hired 'Ghosthound'.
3. Enhanced 2nd upgrade generals 'Aohangji' Scenario Mode was added.
- You can enter the'Guardian Spirit' Through the back portal you can enter the Forest of the to Forest of Soul near Chooncheon.
- You can go back into Zhao Shou's past points in the game five times chance a day Through the Soul of the Zhao Shou NPC in the Forest of Soul.
  (The number of uses is shared in the Temporal Vortex and Hero resting place.)
- [Scenario], [Normal] There are two modes and you can use it regardless of the nationality of the protagonist.
- The main character and the scenario warrior participate in the battle together. The scenario default warrior is placed in the first mercenary slot.
- If the scenario default warrior dies during battle then it counts as a defeat. nothing is applicable In normal mode.
- You can use the normal mode after completing the scenario mode. As the game???level of difficulty increases, monster skill, power and the rate of monster item drops also increase.
- The main character and the warriors in mercenary slots 1 through 5 can participate in the battle in Normal mode without the requisite number of  warrior.
- Items acquired at hero resting place are required for Enhanced Hero, reinforcement and evolve.

4. Equipment for Awakening Aohangji has been added.
- 'Cemetery NPC'performs a longevity awakening mission you can in the Soul Forest.
- Tiger Helm(+5), Tiger Armor(+5), Advanced Star Sword (+5) items are can be used to evolve into this equipment.
- An amplified skill (passive) has been added to the evolved longevity-dedicated weapon and the damage skills used by longevity is amplified.
-The evolved item has a 50% chance of being successful, and the 'Temporal Powder' is consumed when it strengthens.
- Evolved items with maximum enhancement will be given a set effect.

5. Enhanced Guheyaka system has been added.
- 'Cemetery NPC' performs a longevity awakening mission you can in the Soul Forest.
- You can upgrade Heroes by 'Hero???Soul Stone' and 'Awakening Stone'.
- As Enhanced, 2nd generals total stat points divided by 5. All stats and resistances change.
- 'Enhanced Guhyaka' uses invisibility and fatality skills.
- 'Invisibility' is automatically cast at the beginning of the battle and can not be reused for 3 seconds after the skill is deactivated.
- 'Invisibility' is not affected by target-targeted attacks, but if you have a wide range of damage, your skill will be deactivated.
- 'Fatality' passive skill consuming Mana 10 includes adds lightning damage.
- If you use Rebirth on the Enhanced Hero, you will return to the Second Hero before awakening.

6. Arena revamped near the Cheonan.
- phased combat has been increased to 40 levels and the monsters have been relocated.
- Arena monster give a dropped individual rewards in battle. In addition end result rewards too.
- Arena battle is only available three times in a day. When you battle with party members, the battle opportunities are reduced for all party members.

7. The [Set Pet] button has been added to the system menu window.
- You can only select one pet from the Minion, Fortune Guardian, or Spectre the Pet Settings button.
- Dangun`s mirror item is not affected by the [Set Pet] button.
- The [Set Pet] button is only applied to the field.

8. Monster has been added 'Undying Shih Huangti', 'Revived Phoenix', 'Evil Doctor' in 'Underground Palace of Shih Huangti'.
- 'Undying Shih Huangti' will drop 'Jade Emperor Gloves', 'A burning piece of Ashes', 'Flame Stone', 'Emperor`s Letter', 'Good Essence' items.
- 'Revived Phoenix'will drop 'Sealed Power Shard', 'Crystal Fragment', 'Black Marble', 'Phoenix Claws' items.
- 'Evil Doctor'will drop 'Ancient Sinsu Essence', 'Shih Huangti`s Seal', 'Fair Essence', 'Yellow Force Stone' items.

9. The following changes and corrections have been made.
- 'Avalanche' of 'Vaisravana' has a 50% increase in skill damage and enchant.
- 'Evil Imoogi (Lightning)' damage has been slightly reduced and the drop rate of 'Sphere that contains the Lightning energy' has been increased.
- The loading image has been changed and the game tip has been removed.
- 'Silkroad Merchant Guild' NPC sells 'Scroll of Dungeon Portal(Underground Palace of Shih Huangti)'.
- The exit of the Marketplace, Guild Meeting Room has been improved.
- The 'Platter of Nine Delicacies' Production item in GuildCraft has been temporarily discontinued, 'Platter of Nine Delicacies'credits get are adjusted to 3000.
- It will not sell 'Platter of Nine Delicacies' anymore at Guild Shop.
- Enhanced Toronosuke 's visibility has been increased.
- Added weekly quest for 'NPC_Minkun'.
- Fixed to error of Vritra Spear 'Thunderbolt Spear' skill when using no damage with enemy.
- Fixed an error that did not apply 'Awaken Yumin', 'Enhanced Toronosuke' Combination skill 'Command' to party battles.
- It automatically logs out when you on mining/collecting when the fullness reaches stamina 0. Start mining/collecting If there are many users on the server and the service is not smooth.

- Mana consumption of 'thunder arrow' has been adjusted to 2.
- Added an error message when using excessive skill.
- Added error message when using abnormal skill.
- 'Frost Poison' skill image and damage did corrected properly has been.
- In individual and party battles, 'Sickleman' duplication magic mana cost has been reduced to 300 and summoned make to 3.
- Fixed the problem that when a Volt dies while using a Lightning Strike, the ally is damaged.
- Fixed a problem that ended when using Combination skill in scenario mode.
- Fixed a bug that did not apply Bard's Hymn skill to allies in party battle.
- Fixed the problem that Bard's Hymn skill did not damage the enemy during combat combat.
- In the state where the protector is worn, when the protagonist dies, the protector effect has been changed to disappear.
- Hero 'Hanuman', 'Upgraded Quake Tank' visibility has increased.
- Fixed a problem where Wongong's Chaos skill did not overlap with Guard and Spectre buffs.
- Fixed the problem that 'Yukki Onna', 'Ice Dragon' and 'Ice Skeleton Monarch' did not attack normally.
- Tavern mission combat power icon has been fixed.
- The color selection position of the repeat speaking message has been changed.
- Fixed a problem where the option window was displayed when pressing esc key in the book guidance message window.
- Announcement The error message that occurred during continuous use has been changed.
- Fixed a problem where an arrow was displayed abnormally on the minimap.
- Fixed the problem that some areas were not clicked when using shortcuts.
- Fixed a problem that forced shutdown when using a shortcut.
- Fixed to 'Frost Poison' skill sound is changed.
- Fixed the phenomenon 'Guhdaesoo' monster did not attack.
- Fixed the 'NoChar' error that was intermittently output when fighting monsters.
- Fixed that you can send a board when you input special characters [%], ['].
- Fixed a situation where when you open and close the Shapeshift interface while using the Scroll of Transformation, you can not see it changed to Shape to you.
- Fixed the character not moving when Shapeshift interface was output.
- The Repeat interface has been modified to not overlap with other interfaces.
- 'Nightmare Spider ' that used 'Chaos' has been modified.
- Fixed a problem that some characters were not able to use Skill while moving.
- Fixed a problem where some characters stopped at using Skill.
- 'Dealer_WonDahm' item arrived

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