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Dear Merchants!

There will be will be a server update:

 - Time :2019-06-19 21:00 ~21:40 (40 minutes)

Thank you for understanding.

The Great Merchant Customer Service Team


[Patch V28621]

1. Sinsu 'Airavata' from Indra has been added. - If the main character has Nationality Required to India, you can perform a Monster Upgrade from the Trainer in India town.

-You can use 'Tiamat', 'Minotaur' and 'Scout' to transfer to 'Airavata'. - 10 God Metal, and 3 Sealed Scroll items must Floorbe in main charater 's inventory when upgraded.

- When upgraded, Player receive a bonus stats divided by 30 for the total of the three material mercenaries.

- 'Airavata' credit level must Floorexceed Lv. 100 and Can not Duplicate hire mercenaries also cannot be traded.

- 'Airavata' uses a physical affiliation of 'Ivory mixing'skill and is affected by strangth. - 'Airavata' can hold the weigh 10 times as much as own power. - 'Airavata' can strengthen main skill and weapon skill with 'Shock Wave' and 'Vibration'Characteristic.

- 'Airavata' equip weapon 'Airavata Ivory' then use to 'sonic attack' skill.

- The 'sonic attack' skill reduces the physical and Magic resistance of a wide range of monsters by 15 points and does not overlap with the 'Bong Myung sound' skill.

- 'Ivory of Aeravata' can be created at the Craft Shop in India town 'Bangalore'.

- 'Airavata Diagram' need an item to make with 'Airavata`s Ivory Diagram' , 'Advanced Vermillion Beak' , 'Faded Ivory' , 'Bloody Ivory' , 'Phantom Elephant`s Ivory' , and ' Sealed Scroll' items.

2. 'Virupaksa' Advanced Weapon production has been added.

- Weapon production can be done from 'Messenger of Indra' NPC in Sumeru.

- Virupaksa's 'Adv Virupaksa spear' use as a material with 'virupaksa trident', 'Unstable Wind Power', 'piece of trident filled black color', 'maple stone', 'maple stone', 'Stone of a Wind attribute', 'Spirit Marble(Wind)', 'Currency Note(100 Million Gold)' items..

- Adv Virupaksa spear's 'flurry' Skills are will be automatically start at the start of battle, increasing Vitality in Virupaksa by 20% and moving speed by 60%.

- In the Adv Virupaksa speed's 'flurry' state, Enemies hit by this 'Dragon Wind'Skill has a 30% redirection in speed for 15 seconds.

- The image of the 'Dragon Wind' will be changed at in a 'flurry'state

3. Sumeru Scenario Mode has been added.

- The NPC 'Messenger of Indra' inside the Sumeru Secret Meeting Room allows you to perform a '4 Energy' Scenario and play can go back into points and Two times chance a day.

- [Scenario] and [Normal] There are two modes that are available and It is regardless of the nationality of the main character.

- Scenario Mode need main character and Scenario Required Sumeru Attending the battle, Sumeru must Floorbe located at the first Floorof the mercenaries' slots.

- If Essential Sumeru dies during Scenario Mode it will be defeated.But Not applicable in Normal Mode.

- Normal mode is available after the completion of the Scenario Mode. As the difficulty increases, the monster's ability and the opportunity to acquire items increases.

- Normal Mode can be entered with 5 mercenaries without limitation of essential Lokapala

- Items acquired in Scenario Mode and NormalMode are required for the production of the Lokapala Advanced Weapon.

4. Enhanced Hero 'Euna' Scenario Mod ehas been added.

- Path to Chooncheon 'Guardian Spirit's behind portal can allows player to enter to Forest Floorof Soul and also enter to hero restoring place.

- Player have five times chance in one day for can go back to enter in Euna's past Floorcase points through the 'Spirit of a Euna' NPC located in the Hello Restoring Place. (The number of uses is shared with Temporal Vortex and Hero restoring place.)

- [Scenario] and [Normal] There are two modes that are available and It is regardless of the nationality of the main character.

- The Scenario Mode need hero must Floorbe located at the first Floorof the mercenary Slot, and only the main charater and the Scenario essential hero participating at this bettle.

- If the essential hero dies during Scenario Mode will be defeated. But Not applicable in Normal Mode.

- Normal mode is available after the completion of the Scenario Mode, and as the difficulty increases, the ability of the monster in each difficulty level and the opportunity to acquire the item increases.

- Normal mode is open to 5 persons including mercenaries, without restriction on essential hero.

- Items acquired from the hero retaining place are required for Enhanced Hero, Equipment reforece or Evolve.

5. The Enhanced System of Hero 'Narayana' has been added.

- The 'Cemetery NPC' will help the Soul Stone Trade or Hero Enhanced Mission at a Forest Floorof Souls.

- Enhance the hero with Hero's 'Soul Stone Distribution' and 'Awaken Stone' items.

- Enhanced Hero are will receive a bonus for the total Stats/5 value held by Hero and will change all Stats and Resistance when hero Enhanced.

- 'Enhanced Narayana' are Use 'Fire Ox formation' and 'Wide extension' skills.

- 'Fire Ox formation' skills are flame attribute Fire Oxes are rush and damage continuously.

- 'Fire Ox formation' skills are affected by mechanical resistance.

- 'Wide extension' increases your strength and health by 50%.

 - If you use the reverse item for the Enhanced Hero, it will revert back to the Mercury before Enhanced.

6. The following have been modified and added

- 'Silkrod Merchant Guide 'NPC sells 'Sumeru Scroll of Town Portal'

- Added to sell or exchange will 100 in Friendship items.

- 'helmet' Storage function has been added to a closet that can hold Clothes.

- The function to check the overall health of the monster during Battle has been added and can be set through the optional (ESC) window can Battle HP indication. But can not set it up at Battle moment.

- Improved motion and speed of 'Enhanced Euna'skill.

- The skill and image of Burning Flame Monster have been improved at National Suppression.

- The location of the Mt. Ryung 'Brother Image' NPC has been moved to the near Mt. Ryung 3st Floor Entrance.

- 'Flower Ghost' monster from 'Mt. Ryung 1st' has been reassigned to appear in 'Mt. Ryung 1st and 2st Floor'.

- The 'Mysterious Tiger' monster from the Mt. Ryung 3st has been increased.

- Mt. Ryung 'Brother Im' Quest 'Good Deal's completion by Prize Item 'Mt. Datun2st Floor' Scroll of Dungeon Portal has been added

- 'Subdual Box(Untradable)' in the middle of a Mission return 'Food', 'Samgyetang' are Deleted and Change to Dushin`s Statue (Level 200),Wongong`s Statue (Level 200),Ki`s Statue (Level 200),Nuae`s Statue (Level 200) items.

- 'Subdual Box(Untradable)' type divided into Normal and Quality. And Quality box has more good to chance get the precious item to comes. - 'Yama Wave' Dungeon Flamebird's Skill Range and Demage have been reduced. - 'Yama Wave' Guard leader_Jo gwang' and 'Inward eyes_Jo(Flame)' skill Damage have been reduced. - 'black dragon Pond'Dungeon monster's resistance power has been reduced slightly Except 'Ram chae hwa (Water). - 'Indra' has been changed to Airavata 'Avory Diagram' item from instead of 'Brahma's Authority'.

- 'Flame Scorpion (Flame)', and 'Flame Giant(Flame)', 'Burning Dragon(Flame)' monster has been moved to Infernous 2st Floor. - 'Turttle Archer (Water)', and 'Seahorse Cavalry(Water)' The monster has been moved to Taipei Pirate Cave 2st Floor. - 'Flame Scorpion (Flame)', and 'Turttle Archer (Water)' monster's Stats??experience have been raised. - 'Flame Scorpion (Flame)'drops this item 'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Ancient Sinsu Essence'are Deleted and Change to 'Sealed Power Piece', 'Essence of Life'items.

- 'Flame Giant(Flame)'drops this item 'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Ancient Sinsu Essence'are Deleted and Change to 'Small attribute of flame', 'Essence of Abyss items. - 'Burning Dragon(Flame)'drops this item 'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Ancient Sinsu Essence'are Deleted and Change to 'Lunar Chakram', 'Infernous Stone' - 'Turttle Archer (Water)'drops this item'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Ancient Sinsu Essence'are Deleted and Change to 'Sealed Power Piece', 'Essence of Life'. - 'Seahorse Cavalry(Water)'drops this item'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Ancient Sinsu Essence', 'Gold Meteor'are Deleted and Change to 'White Gold Meteor', 'Small attribute of Water', 'Essence of Abyss'.

- 'Pirate Captian Jack(Water)'drops this item'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Ancient Sinsu Essence'are Deleted and Change to 'Small attribute of Water', 'Soo Cannon'. - 'Flame Scorpion' and 'Turtle Archer (Water) monster's stats and experience have been raised.

- 'Flame Scorpion (Flame)', 'Flame Giant(Flame)', 'Burning Dragon(Flame)', 'Turttle Archer (Water)', 'Seahorse Cavalry(Water)', 'Pirate Caption Jack's stats and drop Percentage has been adjusted.

- 'Evil Imoogi(Thunder)', 'Gold Starfish(Water)', 'Gale Ahuta(Wind)', 'Kimoon Master(Thunder)', 'Amakusa of Thunder(Thunder)', 'Undying Shih Huangti(Flame)' monsters has been changed and the drop rate has been adjusted. - 'Evil Imoogi(Thunder)', 'Gale's Ahuta(Wind)', 'Kimoon Master(Thunder)', 'Amakusa of Thunder(Thunder)', 'Undying Shih Huangti(Flame)'s Monsters' are attack has decreased slightly.

- 'Promotion' Reputation unfinished Less than 150 levels Player are not allowed to fight with the boss(10th grade) monster. - Items received have been from 'Dealer_WonDahm'.

- The automatic hunting prevent text list Improved and added images, numbers, alphabets, and background screens that are comes when the time of input the answer.

- The automatic hunting prevent text list had adjusted to (1 to 9) and the alphabet (A to N).

- If any history of text entry failure is confirm when the past 168 hours (7 days), the automatic hunting prevent condition has been added to lock for 7 days.

- The client has been changed to shut down when trying to connect through the virtual machine.

- The motion of 'Vaisravana' , 'Enhanced Chaos Mon' , 'Chaos Mon', 'Sacred Blue Dragon' has been changed for Skill Synchronization.

- The message have been enhanced when the time of equipment released.

- The two Quick Slots have been improved to be available through Alt + 1 and 2 keys.

- You cannot use Quick Slot when mining, collecting.

- 'Jang Kun`s Treasure Chest(Untradable)' item list has added with Announcement,Lokapala Battle Ticket (1 time),Companion - 5 days, White Tiger Essence(Untradable), Blue Dragon Essence(Untradable), Ancient Sinsu Essence, Herding(Untradable), Intermediate monster ecology information(Untradable), Intermediate monster ecological map, Temporal Vortex Gold Coin, Temporal Vortex Silver Coin, Piece of Awaken Stone, Guild banquet (250 rounds), Sealed Power Piece, Vermillion Armor, costume of Batu , Scroll of Transformation (Indra)-30days(Untradable), Scroll of Transformation (Amakusa)-30days(Untradable), Minion (Crab)-(Untradable), Minion (Blue Wolf)-(Untradable), Airavata`s Ivory Diagram, Dushin`s Nameplate, Dushin`s Nameplate, Ki`s Nameplate, Nuae`s Nameplate, White Tiger`s Statue (Level 200), Vermillion`s Statue (Level 200), Black Tortoise`s Statue (Level 200), Blue Dragon`s Statute (Level 200), Essence of Madness(Untradable)(Untradable), Emperor Ring(Untradable),Boots of Dhrtarastra, Boots of Dhrtarastra, ang Kun`s jewelry ring items.

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