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Greetings Merchants!

There will be a server update on Monday, November 28 at 8:00 PM ~ 09:30 PM Global Server Time (EST).

Changes made to the game are listed below.

Thank you for your patience and continued support for the game.

The Great Merchant Customer Service Team


[Patch V26607]
1. Addition of Awaken system on 'Seosan Master', 'Yumin'
- Cemetery NPC west of Jinju now exchanges Soul Stones and performs awakening.
- You need 'Soul Stone' and 'Awaken Stone' to perform awakening.
- When using Awaken Bonus stats will be given based on stats of target (Total # of Stats / 5 = Bonus).
- Awaken Seosan Master can use 'Thunderstrikes' affected by wisdom point.
- Awaken Yumin can use 'Blast of Dragon' affected by vitality point.
- Using [Rebirth] on these awaken mercenaries will take them back to Heo Level.

2. Additional Mercenaries mission System on Tavern.
- When you get to a tavern window you will find [Mercenaries Mission] to the botton right.
- Stored Generals, Hero, and Monsters can now go on a mission with two levels [Normal] [Special].
- Each mission will take 4 mercenaries, completing Requirements with 50% or above success rate to clear the mission.
- These Repuirements are based on lv of Mers, Credit Rate, Total attack power, nationality, total states, equipped weapon and will appeared as an Icon.
- Each requirement will have different success rate, and you dont need to clear all six to achieve 100%.
- Mission Reward Box depends on success rate. Higher success rate equals more rewards!
- Mission Reward Box will give you 'Special mission invitation(untradable)' and you can use it to go on special mission.
- You only do one mission at a time, if you are already in a mission you cannot take another mission.
- This is a timed attack, where you will be given time to complete the mission. If you exceed it, you will not receive rewards.
- Gather materials from rewards and take it to 'Blacksmith_baekga' and make Black Tortoise Scale Armor and Black Tortoise Scale Armor. Click on Information to find more about it.

3. Additional Special Designs.
- Alchemist can learn special design for Minion (Mothball).
- Metallurgist can learn special design for Blue Dragon Girdle.
- Blacksmith can learn special design for White Tiger Boots.
- If you reset your artisan all your learned designs will be deleted.
- You can only learn one of the same kind of design and more special designs will come.

4. Change of Grouping short cut settting.
- Now the short cut keys will be stored on each character instead of an account.
- These short cut keys will not be stored on clients but will stored on DB.

5. Change of Display of Gaming Time.
- Gray Color to Yellow.
- Each characters will show their accumulated playing time.

6. Followings has been changed or fixed.
- Stand & individual Trading, When selecting mers from taver exp of each mers will show.
- Fixed error appears after client has closed.
- Fixed message duplicate, when exchanged experience.
- Fixed message duplicate, when deleting message.
- Fixed short cut key error on Arena.
- Fixed continues message after leaving party.
- When purchasing items from auction, check the bank's remaining balance.
- Blackmarket trading auction's top bidder's character will not be deleted.
- Increase on frame from 8bits to 32bits for mouse over.
- Accumlated playing time will appear on right bottom of client.
- Fixed an error. Effect on Fortune Guardian Blue Dragon's magic after battle's over.
- Fixed resurrection bug when a player gets killed by tracer skill 'Trip to the underworld.'
- Fixed auto movement of character when exiting out from guild meeting room.
- Fixed chatting problem on parts of the map.
- Fixed unable to leave the party after Party Recall.
- Change of frame to 32 bit on air monster's shadow.
- 'Jang Kun's Treasure Chest' Change of Lists: Announcement x 10, Special Mission Invitation x 3, White Tiger Essence x 10, Blue Dragon Essence x 10, Acient Sinsu Essence x 3, Piece of Awaken Stone x 3, Design of Blue Dragon Girdle, Design of White Tiger Boots, Herding Command (untradeable), Enchantment keeper, Temporal Vortex Gold Coin x 3, Temporal Vortex Silver Coin x 10, Temporal Powder x 2, Guild Ceremony(250), Vermillion feather, Vermillion, Scroll of Transformation (Indra) - 30days (Untradable), Scroll of Transformation (Amakusa) - 30days (Untradable), Minion(Crab) x 2, Minion(Blue Wolf) x 2
- 'Mad Yeti' drops(low) design of Minion(Mothball).
- Increase on size of Mercenary tavern, Special Tavern to 40 slots.
- Guest Books can be used to increase the slots.
- Add Combination skill 'Cease Fire' for Awaken Shiho, and Awaken Aohangji.
- Combination skill 'Cease Fire' will last depend on average level of mercenaries only effective to monster 9 or below level.
- Fixed Guild Warehouse Usage, and Treasury did not showed its list based on lastest date.
- Fixed deduction of money, if players dies during the battle.
- Some NPC's were upgraded to 32 bits.
- Change of ratio of minimization on the mini map.
- Fixed reset bug on shortcuts in mini map, and marking.
- Improved AMD CPU Users PC getting slower.
- Fixed interface error when using Tavern's Share Item.
- Following damage zone was decreased from 2 to 1"Harubang", "Crab", "Ghost Hare", "Turtle", "Snow Elephant", "Goblin" "Red Bull", "Oni", "Yeti", "Toad", "Hulk", "Posion Fang"
- Restock on 'Dealer_WonDahm' items.

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