Your character must be at least credit level 6 to participate in basic player-to-player trading. To start trading right-click on another player's character and you will be able to trade items, money, mercenaries, and real-estate(production facilites).
Types of Trades
Items, money, mercenaries and production facilites can be traded through this window. Both parties must go through the 2 step approval process for the trade to be completed.

The trade window will allow you to see all stats and equipped items. Before completing a trade, make sure you go over all information to prevent against scams and fraud.
Trading can also take place at the stands at the Exchange.Stands may only be setup at the Exchange or Special Grounds. Characters must have at least a Credit Level of 20. Press Ctrl + Y to access your stand.

You can sell items and mercenaries at this stand. You may also type in other details and descriptions through this window. Right-clicking on a character that is selling items or mercenaries will open a separate window. Click on an item you want to purchase and then click in your character's inventory and you will be able to purchase that item.

Pressing Shift will allow you to see detailed stats on the item you wish to purchase. If the item is a mercenary, clicking on the mercenary icon will show the level, abilities, and equipped items of that mercenary.

Players can easily make money by going into any production facility and playing a minigame to do work and receive wages. Players can also purchase a facility to produce items and sell to other characters for a profit.
01. Managing a Production Facility?
A Production Facility is a factory where a player can manufacture in game items and goods for sale to other characters. There are serveral different types of facilities such as, Farms, Ranches, Factories, Weaponries, and Armories.
02. How many can I have?
Character must have a certain credit level according to the requirements of the Production Facility. Only one Production Facility per character is allowed. To purchase a Farm you must be at have at least a credit level of 20 and require 200,000 Gold. For a Ranch, 16 credit level and 200,000 Gold. For a factory, 20 credit level and 400,000 Gold. Weaponry and Armory must have at least credit level of 30 and 500,000 Gold.

Once you meet these requirements and a Production Facility space is available you will be able to purchase a Production Facility. You will also be able to purchase a Production Facility directly from another player but you must have a credit level of 30 to do this transaction.
03. What is a Production Facility?
In order to make a particular item at the Production Facility you must construct a warehouse and have materials to make the particular item. Choose wisely because each item must be made in different buildings and with different materials.

Each Facility has 3 levels of construction, the building must be upgraded to the 3rd level in order to produce items. It is possible to lose the production facility if there is no production in a given amount of time. The production facility will reset and you will be no longer the owner if there is no work done in the facility for 190 days (game time) at the start of the new day [midnight], regardless of work amount left.

When there is 0 work left, or when there are no tools available for work, or when the factory wages are so low that no one will work in your factory, in any of these instances there is no work done in the factory for 190 game days, the factory will reset itself. Creating more work in the factory does not count as activity, you or someone else must go in the factory and play the minigame to account as work.

Please remember that only other players in the game can account for work so that your production facility will not reset itself. NPC character's doing work or changing items produced will not count as work.