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Greetings Merchants!

There will be a server update on wednesday, march 7 at 8:00 PM ~ 9:00 PM Global Server Time (EST). 

Changes ade to the game are listed below.

The Great Merchant Website( will be down for maintenance as well.

Thank you for your patience and continued support for the game.

The Great Merchant Customer Service Team

[Patch V26820]
1. The area of Virupaksa was added to Sumeru.
- It is possible to move limited unlass then Lv 150 to the 'Sumeru' area through the 4th floor of Mt. Ryung. Gaema, and the sky tree in the north of India Pokhara.
- It is possible to promotion "Sumeru" by NPC of 'Messenger of Indra' located at 9 o'clock in 'Sumeru'.
- Need some materials promotion to 'Virupaksa' with Sacred Kirin + Sacred White Tiger + 50 maple stone + 50 Fortune Guardian White Tiger + 2 Sealed Scrolls and + 20 Dark Tablet(WT)
- Following combination creates an advance monsters total points will receive a divided by 10 bonus point.
- Lokapala can check in only one at Mercenary Tavern.
- "Virupaksa" has 'Dragon Wind' skill and this skill influenced by vitality.
- "Virupaksa" has two characteristics and can strengthen "Pungryong Island" skill.
- "Virupaksha" has immune to most uncontrollable situation.

2. The west side of Sumeru Dungeon has been added.
- Added a quest 'Virupaksa' at 'Sumeru'.
- "Virupaksa" and his family members appear in the western part of "Sumeru".
- "Nagas" drops the 'maple stone' 'Old Arrowroot Armguard' and 'Broken Bands'.
- 'Devas' drops the 'maple stone', 'Old Round Amulet' and 'piece of Goblins symbol'.
- 'Persistent Dool' drops 'maple stone', ' Tiger Meteor', 'Monster Soul' and 'Tail fur dye on maple leaf'.
- 'Sacred White Tiger' drops 'maple stone', 'White Tiger Bracer', ' Tiger Meteor' and 'Sinsu`s Root (White Tiger)'.
- '"Virupaksa"  will drop 'maple stone', 'Officer belt', 'Dark Tablet(WT)', 'piece of trident filled black color' and 'piece of Virupaksa cotton'.

3. Mongolia area has been added.
- It is possible to go to Mongolia Ulanbator by using the shortcut route of Beijing, China.
- The existing Chinese village was removed and moved IN to a village in Mongolia.
- The village of Xinyi has been moved to Ulanbator village.
- The village of Huizhou has been moved to Choybalsan Village.
- The village of Yangshan has been moved to Saynshanda Village.
- The village of Luading  has been moved to Dalandzadgad Village.
- The buildings and facilities of the previous target towns were transferred to the Mongolia area as before the addition of Mongolia area.

4. "tomb of king " Dungeon has been added to Mongolia.
- You can enter the 'tomb of king' from the southwest at 'Dalandzadgad' village, and also you take quest at the entrance 'Guides_Barr'.
- In the 'tomb of king ' area, the battle will take place in the corresponding dungeon map.
- The 'tomb of king ' dungeon includes monsters (Wind) and (Thunder).
- "Emperor of Khan" drops "ornament of Emperor", "Diamond Ring" and "Jade Necklace".
- The "Soul of Mighty Khan" drops' Fur Hat Sculpture ',' tail fur of Blue Wolf ' and 'shoes of general Batu '.
- "Shaman of Khan (thunder)" drops the "Polluted Wind Sculpture", "Awakening Stone Sculpture", "Ancient Sinsu Essence" and "thunder refined stone".
- The "Desert Sphere" drops "snakes Leather full fill in thunder", "Sculpture of Awakening Stone", "Essence of Ancient Fresh Water" and "thunder refined stone".
- The "Desert Kirin (wind)" drops "Leather of Desert Kirin", "Sculpture of awakening stone", "The essence of ancient fresh water" and "maple stone".
- "Desert bug" drops "Desert bug teeth", "Mongolian silk", "Refined golden sand".
- "Mighty warrior of Khan" drops "[Yellow] magic tricks", "Yellow periodic stone", "Guiguido".
- "Khan's Horse Archer" drops '[Yellow] Enchantment', 'yellow force stone', and 'Power Bow'.
- "Khan's Riding Horses" drop "[Yellow] Enchantment", "yellow force stone", and "huge Javelins".

5. A Level 2 Mechanic 'Toranosuke' has been added to the awakening system.
- The NPC 'tomb Manager' in the west of Jinju Village performs the soul exchange and mercenary awakening mission.
- Using the 'Hero Daxuan Stone' and 'Awakening Stone'item can make the awaken Level 2 mercenary.
- At the time of awakening, the 2nd mercenary's total points receive of the divided by 5 bonus point.
- Awakening 'Toranosuke' can use the 'whirlwind(automatically)' skill and this skill take affected by vitality.
- 'whirlwind' is a passive skill, and when you receive a receive amount of damage, it is a skill that returns to nearby enemies.
- The 'Shadow Movement' has increased of distance.
- When you use a Rebirth for a waken mercenary, you will get return to the second mercenary before awakening.

6. Added to able to trade mercenary.
- You can sell mercenaries through NPC 'Broker'.
- When registering a mercenary for sale, you can not register if mercenary you have item with a Dangun`s mirror.
- Mercenary can not be purchased if Mercenaries are registered.

7. mercenary and monster has been added.
- Dool, Taotie, Super Sonic, chaos, Scout(Hire), Minotaur(Hire), Dhrtarastra, Vaisravana, Virudhaka, Virupaksa, Charia, Agasura, Hiranayaksa, Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narashimha, Vamana, Parasrama, Rama, Krishna, Kalki, Ice Skeleton Monarch, Ice Mage, Yukki Onna Queen, Mad Yeti, Amakusa Taru, Turttle Archer (Water), Seahorse Cavalry (Water), Flame Giant (Fire), Gandharvas, Garudas, Yaksas, Asuras, Kimnaras, Mahoragas, Nagas, Devas, Soul of Mighty Khan, Khan of emperor, Shaman of Khan (thunder), Cavalier of Khan, Mounted Spear of Khan, Mighty warrior of Khan

8. The following has been modified and added:
- Fixed a problem that did not normally apply the troop-assigned hotkeys that were skill "Chaos".
- Fixed problem that Combination skill 'Cease Fire' was unable to use.
- Added 'mercenary Supply Box(untradeable)' as a quest reward for 'Lava Monster Story' for each nationality.
- 'mercenary Supply Box' contains 'Sichuan Belt', 'Trainee King of Water Dragon Helm (untradeable)', 'Trainee King of Water Dragon Armor (untradeable)'.
- Houzhenou village name has been changed to Wuzhou.
- Changed the shortcut Jiahouling <-> Xinyi to Jiahouling <-> Wuzhou.
- The Taiwan western part has been reduced.
- Fixed a problem in which the abilities were duplicated were changed.
- Fixed the problem that the Working production button activated when didn't click a button in at a production facility were changed.
- Fixed the problem that situated where left out of a production facility Warehouse when using the click the mouse at mercenary.
- Fixed the problem that production facility produced a description of the item when you stopped working the item.
- Fixed the problem that mercenary map of the air type mercenary shadow blocked skill icon phenomenon.
- Fixed the problem that slowed down in a specific area on the third floor of Infernous.
- Fixed the problem that where the registered item as duplicate at the time of Lokapala Promotions.
- Fixed the problem that where the registered were the unnecessary item at the time of Lokapala Promotions.
- You can make 'Ancient brass (untradeable)' item by Blacksmith Baekga. It is set with a `Seven-Branched Sword` item.
- The water shadow of the 32-bit character has been fixed.
- Fixed the problem that when use continuous of the skill was not able to use consistently.
- The exchange item moved amount has been upgraded than the last update at 'Daxuan stone item through 'tomb Manager'.

9. Add Awaken Stone item in Item Shop
- The item used for 1. 2 Mercenaries awakening.
- Awaken Stone is must be in the inventory of hero at Mercenaries awakening.
- This item is requested by cemetery NPC near Jinju.

10. The switch credit level for untradeable items in tavern has been changed from 50 levels to 70 levels.

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