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Greetings Merchants!

There will be a server update on wednesday, June 21 at 19:00:00 ~ 20:00:00 Global Server Time (EST).

Changes ade to the game are listed below.

The Great Merchant Website( will be down for maintenance as well.

Thank you for your patience and continued support for the game.

The Great Merchant Customer Service Team

[Patch V27016]

1. Enhanced Hero Scenario mode has been added.
- You can enter the'Guardian Spirit' Through the back portal you can enter the Forest of the to Soul of Forest near Chooncheon.
- You can go back into past points in the game five times a day.You can enter into the past time to near NPC Shinlip in the hero's sanctuary.
  (The number of uses is shared with Temporal Vortex and Heroes of resting place.)
- [Scenario Mode], [Normal Mode] There are two modes and you can use it regardless of the nationality of the protagonist.
- The main character and the scenario warrior participate in the battle together.The scenario???default warrior is placed in the first mercenary slot.
- If you die in the longevity scenarios mode, you will be defeated. In normal mode, nothing is applicable.
- After completing scenario mode, normal mode is available. As the difficulty increases, the ability of monsters and the chance of acquiring items increases.
- In normal mode, you can enter with 5 people including mercenaries without the necessary number of longevity.
- Items that are acquired from 'hero resting place' are needed for longevity awakening and item enhancement and evolution.

2. Second upgrade generals 'Awakening Euna' awakening system has been added.
- 'Cemetery NPC'performs a ????ヂ€怨룰덫uan Stone??exchange and longevity awakening mission you can in the Soul Forest.
- You can upgrade Heroes by 'Hero???Soul Stone' and 'Awakening Stone'.
- As Enhanced, 2nd generals total stat points divided by 5. All stats and resistances change.
- Enhanced Euna can use 'Taeguk square??skill and can be influenced by force.
- If you use Rebirth on the Enhanced Hero, you will return to the Second Hero before awakening.

3. Equipment for Enhanced Shiho has been added.
- 'Cemetery NPC'performs a longevity awakening mission you can in the Soul Forest.
- Tiger Helm(+5), Tiger Armor(+5), New Power Bow(+5) items are can be used to evolve into this equipment.
- An amplified skill (passive) has been added to the evolved longevity-dedicated weapon and the damage skills used by longevity is amplified.
-The evolved item has a 50% chance of being successful, and the 'Temporal Powder' is consumed when it strengthens.
- Evolved items with maximum enhancement will be given a set effect.

4. Monster ecology map has been added.
-If you use the ecology map, the ecology map is registered in the treasure map in the upper right-hand mini-map.
- You can earn a Monster Package by collecting the Monster ecology map for your rank and completing the pieces.
- You can get a 'Beginner Monster Package' from the Tavern's mission training box.
- Enhanced hero In Scenario Mode compensation, you can get 'monster ecology information (not transaction) with low probability.
- It will be drop this 'Beginner monster ecology information (not transaction)' item with a very low probability by Khan of emperor,Ice Skeleton Monarch, Humbaba, Varuna, Orochi,Evil Spirit Shaman,Guardian GooMang Spirit,Hangwoo Spirit, Ananta, Zatayu,Vampire Bat,Stoner,Hyanga,Shaolin (??,Yellow Dragon (E),Fire Dragon (E),Kimoon Master,Chaos Mon,Demon Ram,Super Sonic, Ghosthound,Soul of Emperor Shih Huangti.
- You can acquire 'Intermediate monster ecology information ' and 'Intermediate monster ecology information (not transaction)'items from Jang Kun`s Treasure Chest.
- If You can complete the 'Beginner monster ecological map' to get a Beginner Monster Package contain with one of the deer, wart, crocodile, and weasel.
- If You can complete the 'Advanced Monster Ecological Map' to get a Advanced Monster Package contain with one of the white tiger, Ghost Hares, natives, ice tree.

5. The following bosses monsters have been added to the area.
- The 'Evil Imoogi (thunder)' monster has been added to 'Daegwalyoung Valley'area.
- Evil Imoogi (thunder) 'monster can be drop' items of Emperor Belt ',' Thunder Soul Stone ',' Sphere that contains the Lightning energy 'and' Serpent Teeth'.
-  The ????筌?Starfish(water)' monsters have been added to the 'Japanese Sea Cave'area.
- The ????筌?Starfish(water) monster can be drop' items of Emperor Belt ','Frozen Stone', 'Gold Starfish Shell',and 'Broken Starfish Piece'.

6. The following changes and corrections have been made.
- You can make 'Emperor Gloves' item in Armory.
- 'Emperor Gloves'item can made material by 'Tae Hwang?Gloves', 'Emperor`s Letter', 'Diamond Ring', 'Gold Starfish Shell', 'Sealed Power Shard'item.
- You can make 'Emperor Boots'item in Factory in Smith.
- 'Emperor Boots' item can made material by 'Taehwang`s Boots', 'Emperor Seal', 'Refined golden sand', 'Sphere that contains the Lightning energy', 'Sealed Power Shard'item.
- Sacred Vermillion???The damage has been increased 'Meteor Shower' , Sinsu White Tiger???'Power of Wind Kick' , Sacred Blue Dragon???'Power of Devine Wrath' , Sacred Black Tortoise 'Dark Armor??
- Chaos Mon???The damage has been increased 'Breath of Death skill' , Demon Ram???'Ghost Javelin skill' , Ghosthound???'duration of Pain Needle skill' , Super Sonic???'Feather Attack'.
- 'Awaken Yumin', 'Enhanced Toronosuke???Combination skill 'Command' has been added.
- Combination skill 'Command' is The average level of the longevity, attack power increases the attack power of all the party members in a amount of time.
- Enhanced Shiho???nbsp; 'Archer recall??skill when use ?????뚮쐺her'?? 'Cavalier'Fixed a problem that could be duplicated.
- Fixed the problem that occasional bumps in use Ice Wall skill.
- Modified to prevent movement through quest or special skill at Battle Countdown.
- We have improved the Personal Shop or mercenaries transaction information that we can check the information accurately.
- We have improved that cost is not reduced when you move of Marketplaces.
- Fixed an issue that overlapped with other UI when using Marketplaces, therefore it can not use contents other than Marketplaces.
- Reduced the amount of Guild Craft Shops Platter and Produced Items total gold obtained.
- Fixed an error where the screenshot could not be saved normally.
- Fixed a situation where some messages are clogged in the interface.
- Fixed the problem of moving to a shortcut that was not selected when using a shortcut.
- Fixed the problem that the calculator window did not disappear when investing in a village.
- 'cemetery NPC' location is changed from Jinju to Path to Chooncheon's to Soul of Forest.
- acquired using the General Ticket paid to each Country completed quests have been modified to have 100 bonus to Warriors points and 150 points to Heroes.
- Fixed up to can see the maximum 12 lines in chat window.
- Experience color has been modified to apply a different color for each experience value from the original white.
  (Less than 2 billion - white, 2 billion to 10 billion - blue, 10 billion to 20 billion - green, 20 billion to 30 - billion purple, more than 30 billion-red change the color modified)
- Arrived 'Dealer_WonDahm' item.
- Fixed the problem of where damage was not deducted when air monster was overlapped.
- Fixed the problem of where some characters were stopped when using Skill.
- Fixed the problem of where could not click on A building in a town when using some features such as recommended books and dice while on board.
- Fixed the ability to move characters during a quest conversation.
- If player cancel the work points at the Factory, it have been corrected to subtract directly from the Factory earnings.
- Fixed an problem of  where members could not join the club even if the level was over 100.

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