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Greetings Merchants!

There will be a server update on Monday, December 4 at 20:00:00 ~ 21:00:00 Global Server Time (EST).

Changes to the game are listed below.

Thank you for your patience and continued support for the game.

The Great Merchant Customer Service Team


[Patch V27408]

1. The skills system has changed.
- skills list has been separated to 'Collection skills ' and 'Craft skills' .
- 'Collection skills' were classified as 'Miner', 'Herbalist' and 'Craft skills' as 'Blacksmith', 'Alchemist', and 'Metallurgist'.
- You can use 'Ambidextrousness' item to learn 'Collection skills' and 'Craft skills' one by one.
- If you acquire additional crafts skills, you will be acquired for bonus for the skill.
- Crafts initialization can through the Reset button in the window.
- Crafts initialization can be initialize one skill.
- Crafts Reset button is olny can reset to the requere to Dream item into main character inventory.
- The 'Dream' item has been changed from a consumable item to a removed item at initialization.
- 'Collection skills' move list has been modified to look green the color of the movable area.
- It has been modified that it will not disappear window even if it fails in home manufacturing, removal of badges, additions and removals of gemstones, and continues to try.
- The progress bar speeds up when making items of manufacturing technology.

2. It has been added A huge boss system.
- You can summon a huge boss from the big boss tab (shortcut key H). you can check the related information also.
- You can Summon the boss when You to approach Madness level, If you attaint EXP in battle or Finish the Quest will be  give Madness.
- The Madness gauge is divided into 3 levels, and you can only summon a giant boss that you have achieved.
- The high level hans stronger boss and it can give to reward for you when you are in higher quest. it has also to high number of populations .
- At Level 1 summon, it will be summoned with a high probability of 'Emperor Turtle', a medium chance of 'King hornet', and a low probability of 'Avarice'.
- In the 2 level summon, 'King hornet' with a high probability, 'Avarice' with a medium probability, 'Aduksini' with a low probability is summoned.
- At level 3 summon, 'Avarice', 'Aduksini', and 'Ushioni' are summoned with similar probability.
- 'Emperor Turtle'Drop items of 'Officer military boots', 'Ornament to Noble Boot', 'Tears of the sea', 'Ghost Sword', 'Green jade Box(Untradable)'.
- 'King hornet'Drop items of 'King military boots', 'Ornament to Noble glove', 'Hornet`s Needle', 'Hero Swords', 'Blue jade Box(Untradable)' .
- 'Avarice'Drop items of 'Emperor Boots', 'Ornament to noble Belt ', 'Piece of the sun', 'Melee Axe', 'Green jade Box(Untradable)' .
- 'Aduksini'Drop items of 'Emperor Headband', 'Ornament to noble Helmet', 'Crystal of Darkness', 'Dragon Staff', 'Blue jade Box(Untradable)'.
- 'Ushioni'Drop items of 'Emperor Armor', 'Ornament to noble armor', 'Horn of madness', 'Military Bow', 'Red jade Box(Untradable)'.
- In 'Green jade Box (Untradable)', TaeHwang set, Taehwang Ring, Foriegn Sniper Rifle (Untradable), Double Bonus Exp. - 1 day (Untradable), Everything Goes- 1 day (Untradable), Seven League Boots - 1 Day (Untradable), Mass Effect- 1 day (Untradable), Mana Pill-
- 'Blue jade Box (Untradable)' features Mithra Set, Dui Ring, Poisoned Ghost Bow, Double Bonus Exp- 1 day (Untradable), Everything Goes- 1 day (Untradable), Seven League Boots- 1 day Intermediate Monster Package, Advanced Monster Ecological Map, Herding Untradable, Essence of Madness- (Untradable), Victory Coin (Untradable), Narcissism- 1 day (Untradable) Untradable), Aged Coin (Untradable), food, Ancient Sinsu Essence, Enchantment keeper,
- 'Red jade Box (Untradable)' includes Amaterasu Set, Amaterasu Ring, Zhu Rong`s Ax, Double Bonus Exp- 1 day (Untradable), Everything Goes- 1 day (Untradable), Seven League Boots- 1 day , Hercules - INT-1 day (Untradable), Advanced Monster Ecology Information (untradable), Rebirth (Untradable), Phoenix Feather (Untradable), Herding (Untradable), Essence of Madness- Coin (Untradable), food, Enchantment keeper, Nuae`s Statue (Level 200) and Black Tortoise`s Statue (Level 200).
- The giant boss can only summoned on the field, Acquire Madness will reset to zero if You Summon the boss.
- The Daily Madness achievement rate is fixed, and you can not earn more Madness a day. It is reset at 0 every day and can be reacquired afterwards.
- When using the Essence of Madness item, the rage will be filled in a certain amount and will not affect the Daily Madness achievement rate.
- Other users can not attack after Summon until 5 minute. Anyone  can attack to remaining in the field at after 5 minutes..
- Giant Boss Party Play will be start when the party leader may only start party fights.
- Does not apply Provoke affacet in bettle.

3. Awakened Demon Ram has been added.
- 'Messenger of Vidya' NPC turn the monsters Awakened Mission he located in in' Mt. Sumi at 10 o'clock.
- Hired Demon Ram can awaken with Flame Stone x 50, Dark Tablet(VB)x 25 burning ashes x 50, Fire Dragon Embers x 100, Require Monster Soul x 50, Source of Power x 2, Awaken Stone x 3
- "Awakened Demon Ram get a bonus stats of 10 as a total at Hired Demon Ram and all stats and resistance changes.
- "Awakened Demon Ram "is" Summon to Seal of incarnation of fire "It has a skill and is influenced by all stats, but it has the highest proportion influenced of power ..
- "Awakened Demon Ram's "Powered" attribute skill can enhance the power and vitality of Summon Demon Ram
-  summon Flame Demon uses the 'Flame Ring' and 'Provoke' skills and is greatly Awakened by the power of Awakened Demon Ram.
- 'If you have an Awakened Demon, You can no longer be hired Demon Ram.

4. Second upgrade generals 'Sesunokami' awakening system has been added.
- 'Cemetery NPC' in the Forest of Soul performs to exchange Awaken Stone and longevity awakening mission.
-  You can awaken Hero using 'Hero???Soul Stone'and 'Awaken Stone'
-  At the time of "Awakened to Hero, you receive a bonus from the total stats / 5 of your longevity. All stats and resistances change.
- 'Sesunokami 'has' Shogun's Fury' and 'Command of Shogun' skills.
- 'Shogun's Fury' skill give only deal ground monsters to lose 5% of magic resistance for 15 seconds.
- 'Command of Shogun' Can move the ally to any arbitrary position Including himself.
-  When using Rebirth itme in an Awakened mercenary It will go back to Heroes before awakening..

5. Awakened Krasumi's equipment has been added.
- 'Cemetery NPC' in the Forest of Soul performs equipment enhancement and evolution mission.
- Tiger Helmet(+5), Tiger Armor(+5), New Tiger Meteor (+5) can be used to evolve into dedicated equipment
- An amplified skill (passive) has been added to the dedicated weapon and the damage of skill used by amplified.
- The evolved item has a 50% chance of being successful and consumes 'Temporal Powder' in Evolve or Reinforce.
- Maximum evolved items enhancement will be given a set effect.

6. Monster ecology map has been added.
- This Monster added' 'Amakusa of Thunder(??', 'Magical Ghost(??', 'Cheongu(??' in 'Ghost Castle.
- The 'Amakusa of Thunder' monsters drop items such as 'Emperor Gloves', 'Beads Constantly of Lightning', 'Thunder Soul Stone', 'Yellow Dragon's Scales' and 'Naga Beads'.
- The 'Magical Ghost' monster will drop items 'Phoenix Claws', 'Fragment of Sealed Power', 'Black Marble', and 'Yellow Force Stone'.
- 'Cheongu' monsters drop 'Ancient Sinsu Essence', 'Tiger Helmet', 'New Tiger Meteor' and 'Yellow Force Stone' items.
- 'NPC_Ms. Eunyoung 's week quest has been added

7. The following changes and corrections have been made.
- BYou can make 'Gaema Armor- (Untradable)' item from lacksmith Baekga. 'Seven-Branched Sword' set items.
- Set of general Batu 5 set effect the resistance value has been increased to match the equipments.
- Skill damage has been greatly upgraded "Piercing Skill" , "Magic Fire Arrow" and "Shinchangnodo".
- The using the of the monster has been reduced attack power of the "Piercing Skill", "Magic Fire Arrow", and "Shinchangnodo" skills.
- "Immortal Huangti (??" will add to drop "Buddha Fan".
- "Evil Doctor (??" will drop "Demon Moktak" instead of "Fair Essence" item.
-  Fixed an issue where defeat was not dealt if the Hero died when the Remodeled and Awakened Hero Scenario modes were in progress.
- Fixed an issue where 32-bit items were Non-wearable affects did not look.
- Fixed a situation where can clicked the background of UI at awakening scenario.
- Fixed a situation where clicking on the inventory item when expanding the upper warehouse was not possible.
- Fixed the problem that when the items were manufactured through manufacturing workshop, the friendship changed from left to right.
- Some NPCs, items, fields, dungeons, and battle maps have been changed to 32-bit with alpha blending.
- Fixed a problem where the hero image was displayed intermittently when selecting mercenaries.
- Some 32-bit item images have been improved.
- Awakening Euna 'Taeguk square' skill has been fixed intermittently damage sustained.
- Fixed a problem where the hero's inventory weight was displayed as an abnormal number when hero Awakened.
- fixed a problem that The message box button was in an abnormal position.
- Fixed a phenomenon that overlapping Outform transformation UI and chat window.
- It has been changed so that consumable items cannot be used while on the boat.
- Fixed an issue when using the 'Mercanary Frozen Stone' skill part disappears The phenomenon.
- Taeguk square' skill image and damage did corrected properly has been.
- Fixed a problem that 'ThunderboltSpear' skill sound.
- The output location of the Battlegrounds calculator window UI has changed.
- Fixed a problem that the Quest list disappears after using Naturalization Paper item.
- Fixed a problem where 'ConnectFailure 'message was not displayed well
- Fixed a problem where HP / MP did not print properly during battle
- Fixed an error where the Bid mark could not see the'Blackmarket_Yoon' in Auction House.
- The item 'Dealer_WonDahm' has been changed.

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