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Greetings Merchants!

There will be a server update on Monday, april 2 at 21:00:00 ~ 22:00:00 Global Server Time (EST).

Changes to the game are listed below.

Thank you for your patience and continued support for the game.

The Great Merchant Customer Service Team


[Patch V27615]
1.The attribute system has been added.              
-Fire attribute advantageous for the Wind attribute, Wind attribute advantageous for the Thunder attribute, Thunder attribute advantageous for the Water attribute, The Water attribute gets the advantageous for the fire attribute.                   
-Fire attribute character gains 20% damage to Wind attribute character and decreases 20% off damage to Water attribute character.                  
-Water attribute character gains 20% damage to Fire attribute character and decreases 20% off damage to Thunder attribute character.                  
-Thunder attribute character gains 20% damage to Water attribute character and decreases 20% off damage to Wind attribute character.                  
-Wind attribute character gains 20% damage to Thunder attribute character and decreases 20% off damage to Fire attribute character.                  
-The damage font color changes when a higher attribute attack will applied.           
-You can check the description of the attribute to the 'Attribute shaman_Wan' NPC next with 'Ulan Bator'.                
2. Some Mercenary have been applied Monster attributes .            
-Fire attribute Mercenary list is 'Dhrtarastra', 'Vermillion', 'Awakened Demon Ram', 'Awakened  Sesunokami', 'Awakened Aohangji', 'Improved Tortoise ', 'Upgraded Quake Tank', 'Upgraded Firedrake, 'Improved Seige Tank' and 'Improved Flying Phoenix'.                    
-Water attribute Mercenary list is 'Vaisravana', 'Black Tortoise', 'Enhanced  Super Sonic', 'Awakening Euna', 'Upgraded Viper', 'Upgraded Trebuchet'.                 
-Thunder attribute Mercenary list is'Virudhaka', 'Blue Dragon', 'Enhanced  Ghosthound', 'Enhanced  Shiho', 'Awaken Seosan Master', 'Enhanced  Guhyaka', 'Improved Volt'.                  
-Wind attribute Mercenary list is 'Virupaksa', 'White Tiger', Awakening Drillmobile', 'Enhanced  Krasumi', 'Awaken Yumin', 'Enhanced  Toranosuke'.            
-Fire attribute Monster list is'Burning Dragon(Fire)', 'Flame Giant(Fire)', 'Flame Scorpion(Fire)', 'Immortal Shih Huangti(Fire)', 'Revived Phoenix(Fire)', 'tarbagan(Fire)', 'Tengri(Fire)', 'Soul of sorcerers(Fire)', 'Flame of Serpent(Fire)', 'Elder of Gujimo(Fire)', 'Fallen Demon Ram(Fire)', 'Gunman General Omun(Fire)'.                
-Water attribute Monster list is'Pirate Captian Jack(Water)', 'Turttle Archer(Water)', Seahorse Cavalry(Water)', 'Gold Starfish Shell(Water)', 'Trout man(Water)', 'Water Dragon(Water)', 'Soul of warrior(Water)', 'bisa(Water)', 'Senior Maid of Gujimo(Water)', 'Guardian Big Wolf(Water)', 'Trainer of Super Sonic(Water)'.              
-Thunder attribute Monster list is 'Shaman of Khan(Thunder)', 'The desert Serpent (Thunder)', 'Land giant crabs(Thunder)', 'Evil Imoogi(Thunder)', 'Thunderbolt of Amakusa(Thunder)', 'Thunderstruck Monster trees(Thunder)'               
-Wind attribute Monster list is'Soul of Mighty Khan(Wind)', 'Desert Kirin(Wind)', 'Desert Tiger(Wind)', 'Sand giant(Wind)'.            
-Some monsters have an applied attribute summoned by the attribute characters.               
-You can check the attribute by using the Chinese character (fire, Water, lightning, wind) or included in the name or the attribute icon displayed on the upper right of the portrait.            
3. Mongolian region has been added.                
-The Chinese Town was removed to Mongolian Town.                  
-Yangcun Town has been moved to Ulaangom Town.                   
-Xinhui Town has been moved to Hovd Town.                 
-Maoming Town has been moved to Altaic Town.             
-Huitong Town has been moved to Murun Town.             
-Mongolian trade items have been added and changed.               
-The following attribute field monster has been added to the western terrain of Altaic Town.            
-Big Wolf (Water) 'monster will drop items such as' Leather of Giant Wolf', 'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Small Stone has with the attribute of Water' and 'Taehwang`s Helmet'.             
-tarbagan(Fire) monsters drop items such as 'Mongolian Bow Fragment', 'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Small Stone Has with the attribute of Flame', and 'Taehwang`s Helmet'.             
-Desert Tiger (Wind) monster will drop items 'Desert Tiger`s wing', 'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Small stone has with the attribute of Water.' And 'Taehwang`s Armor'.                  
-Land giant crabs monsters will drop items such as' Giant Crab Claw ',' Piece of Awaken Stone ',' Small Stone has with the attribute of Thunder. And 'Taehwang`s Armor '.                    
4. Mongolian region has been added to the tomb of king 3rd, 4rd, and 5rd .          
-Trout man (Water) 'monster will drop items such as' Giant tail fin', 'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Small stone has with the attribute of Water' and 'Battle axe'.                   
-Water Dragon (Water)' monster will drop 'Beard of Water Dragon', 'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Small Stone has with the attribute of Water.' And 'Amaterasu Shoes' items.            
-Soul of warrior(Water)' monster will drop 'Cracked Shield', 'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Small stone has with the attribute of Water.', 'Battle Spear' items.                  
-bisa(Water) monster will drop 'bisa`s Horn', 'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Small stone has with the attribute of Water.', 'Black Tortoise Shoes' items.               
-Senior Maid of Gujimo(Water) monster will drop 'Giant Crab Claw', 'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Small stone has with the attribute of Water.', 'Mongolian Bow' items.                    
-Trainer of Super Sonic(Water)' monster will drop 'The tail feathers of Super Sonic', 'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Small stone has with the attribute of Water.', 'Amaterasu Gloves' items.           
-Tengri(Fire)' Monsters will drop items such as 'helmet of Tengri', 'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Small stone has with the attribute of flame' and 'Double Matchlock'.          
-sorcerers(Fire)' monster will drop 'Infernous Stone', 'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Small stone has with the attribute of flame', 'Buddha Fan' items.                 
-Flame of Serpent(Fire)' monster will drop 'Leather of Flame Serpent', 'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Small stone has with the attribute of flame', 'Vermillion Glove' items.          
-Elder of Gujimo(Fire)' monster will drop 'Burning back Shell', 'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Small stone has with the attribute of flame', 'Mongol curved blade' items.               
-Fallen Demon Ram(Fire)' monster will drop 'Flaming claw', 'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Small stone has with the attribute of flame', 'Vermillion Feather' items.            
-Gunman General Omun(Fire)' monster will drop 'Omun`s cannon Fragment', 'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Small stone has with the attribute of flame', 'Soo Cannon' items.              
-Thunderstruck Monster trees(Thunder)' monster will drop 'Monster trees essence', 'Piece of Awaken Stone', 'Small stone has with the attribute of Thunder', 'Belt of general Batu ' items.                
-Gajin' monster will drop 'Gajin`s Swords Fragment', 'Dark Dragon`s Head Leather', 'Emperor Ring','hat of Batu' items.               
5. This is a description of the new skills of Mongolian monsters.                
-(squad)Rune Song and (squad)Broken Armor skill maid decrease to surrounding all enemy units damage from magic attacks and physical resistance by 30% for a while.           
-Over the sub boss level monsters bring the summon White Tiger Shield around to reduce 50% of damage for 5 seconds.                    
-Over the boss level monsters(Now only Transformed Gajin) bring the summon Blue Dragon Shield around to reduce 70% of damage for 7 seconds.          
-the damage applied will be reduced and when it not matched attribute attack for a certain attribute when the effect is activated on the head of the monster at that time.           
6. Added exclusive weapons for Virudhaka and Virupaksa.             
-Possible to make the special weapons for from Messenger of Indra at Mt. Sumi.      
-Virudhaka bow' can make Advanced Kirin Horn, Advanced Blue Dragon Sphere, Thunder Dragon Marble, Thunder Soul Stone, Awaken Stone, Source of Power item.                   
-Virupaksa'Virupaksa spear' can make Advanced Kirin Horn, Advanced White Tiger Bracelet, Awaken Stone, Source of Power item.             
-Virudhaka bow's Thunder Dragon skill is automatically cast at the beginning of the battle. Each time you cast a Thunder Dragon skill, your agility increases by 2% and your evasion rate by 10% for 15 seconds. When stacking up to 5 nests, you gain 10% agility and 50% evasion, and maximum nesting is maintained if you use the Thunder Dragon skill within 15 seconds.                    
-The evasion effect obtained with the 'Thunder Dragon' skill negates all damage, and the shield icon is activated over Virudhaka's head when the evasion is successful.             
-The 'Thunder Dragon' skill of 'Virudhaka bow' is automatically cast at the beginning of the battle and if the 'Thunder Dragon' skill get has 3 times damage with [Shock Wave] also retrun 100 back of your magic power.               
-'Virupaksa spear' 'whirlwind' skill is automatically cast at the beginning of the battle. Each time you cast a 'Pungyong' skill, your health increases by 4% to 15 seconds. Up to 5 stacks increase 20% health and maximum nesting is maintained if you use Pungyong skills within 15 seconds.                  
-Virupaksa increases movement speed when Virupaksa's 'whirl wind' skill used.                   
7. Super Sonic Awakening has been added.                    
-The Messenger of the Vidya raja NPC helps the monster's awakening mission at the 10 o'clock position of Mt. Sumi.              
-You can Enhanced Hired Super Sonic with Frozen Stone x 50 + Dark Tablet(BT) x 20 + Gold Starfish Shell x 50 + Water Essence x 75 + Monster Soul x 50, Source of Power x 2, Awaken Stone  x 3.            
-When you are awakened your Super Sonic has a total stats of/10 as the bonus and all stats and resistance will change.                    
-The "Frost hail" skill of the "Enhanced Super Sonic" is a magical skill that deals a wide range of damage to the ground and air and is influenced by intelligence.             
-The "Penetration" skill of "Enhanced Super Sonic" can additional damage to the air monster.            
-If you have an 'Enhanced Super Sonic' You can not hire to 'Super Sonic'.                -
8. Enhanced Hero 'Toranosuke' scenario mode has been added.                
-You can enter the Forest of Soul and Hero resting place through the portal behind the 'Guardian Spirit' at Path to Chooncheon.               
-You can enter Kato's past due to the Soul of the Kato NPC in the Hero resting place, you can available to enter five times a day.                
-(The number of ticket shared with Temporal Vortex and Hero resting place.)           
-[Scenario], [Normal] There are two modes not available regardless of the hero's nationality.             
-Scenario mode involves only need Main Character and Scenario essential hero, and the hero must be located at the first mercenary slot.            
-if the essential hero dies you will defeat In scenario mode. Normal mode does not apply.                
-Normal mode can be enter after the Scenario mode is completed. As the difficulty level increases, the ability of the monster and the chance to acquire items increase.           
-In normal mode, you can enter with 5 hero including mercenaries without the necessary number of longevity.           
-Items help Enhance hero, Strengthen Item and Equipment evolve acquired at Hero resting place.                 
9. Enhanced Toronosuke's dedicated equipment has been added.              
-The 'Cemetery NPC' in the Forest of Soul helps you strengthen and evolve your equipment.             
-Tiger Helmet (+5), Tiger Armor (+5), and Vice soldier Advanced Sword (+5) can evolve into dedicated equipment.                   
-An amplified skill(Passive) has been added to the evolved exclusive weapon, which increases the damage of skills used by longevity.                
-You can get the evolved item probability of being successful has a 50% , and a 'Temporal Powder' will consumed when it evolves and strengthens.                   
-Evolved items with maximum enhancement will be given a set effect.                    
10. Hero 'Drillmobile' Enhanced system has been added.               
-The 'Cemetery NPC' in the Forest of Soul helps you strengthen and evolve your equipment.             
-Hero's Soul Stone' and 'Awaken Stone' itmes need be used to make heroes to Enhanced.               
-Enhanced Hero has a total stats of/5 as a bonus and resistance changes.              
-'Awakening Drillmobile' can use 'Pungswae' skill and this skill be affected by agility.             
-If you use Rebirth as the Enhanced hero, it will go back to the state before.          
11.  Your pocket inventory has been added.                   
-You can check your inventory of pockets also can check pocket shape button at the bottom of your inventory(existing Share Agency in a town utility button)              
-The existing Share Agency is available in the pocket and in the top tabs.               
-The pocket inventory has a cloth pocket, a leather pocket and basically, you can use 5 spaces of the cloth pocket.                 
-Pocket inventory can hold items up to a certain weight limit. Separate goods and gold are not consumed during storage and retrieval.               
-Pocket inventory belongs to the main character, not to other own characters in same account.                   
-Pocket inventory can be extended due to 'pocket extension certificate'.                 
-When using the 'pocket extension certificate', the pockets will expand by 5 spaces and the storage weight will increase           
-You can get more expand your leather pocket after you have expanded ended pockets.                 
12. The queue system has been applied.             
-Added ability to automatically register to queue list when server capacity is exceeded.                    
-waiting rank is reset when you canceling the registration .           
-There is rank will be initialized even if not input for 10 minutes in the PIN number at the open the window.              
13. We fixed and added the following list.            
-The population of 'Khan of emperor' came from 'Soul of Mighty Khan(Wind) has been reduced at tomb of king.                    
-Fixed the problem that summoning devil skill consumption of 'Awakened Demon Ram' mana.           
-Awakened Demon Ram summoning skill 's mana cost is 250 + level. The maximum is 500.                
-You can use the 'Messenger of Summon King' in Mt. Sumi to make additional quests for the tomb of king.               
-Dhrtarastra set and Virupaksa set items have been added.           
-'Desert Kirin (Wind)' monster will drop an additional item 'Wrist guards of general Batu'.                 
-The 'Thunder Dragon Marble' drop item rate has been significantly increased.                   
-The exchange of experience value of each country's enchant rate NPC has been changed to Normal exchange / Advanced exchange                 
-Normal exchange cost of experience is 2 billion and you can get one of Taehwang`s Armor, Taehwang`s Helmet, Taehwang`s Gloves, Taehwang`s Belt, and Taehwang`s Boots itmes at randomly.                  
-Advanced exchange cost of experience is 10 billion and you can get one of Court suit of Z Liang, hat of Z Liang, Gauntlet of Z Liang, Belt of Z Liang, Shoes of Z Liang itmes at randomly.                
-You can create 'Sniper Crossbow Diagram' in 'Bangalore' town's Craft Shop and use 'ghost attack' skill.                    
-To create a Sniper Crossbow Diagram, you need Sniper Crossbow Diagram, Monster Tree Essence, Crystal of Darkness, Neglected Crossbow, Broken Arrow, and Sealed Power Shard itmes.           
-Metallurgist can create a Yellow Dragon golden needle can use the'Rune Song' skill.           
-To make a Yellow Dragon golden needle, you need Frozen Needle, Bisa`s Horn, Wasp`s Needle, Powered Goldstone, and Sealed Power Shard.                 
-The blacksmith can build Daejanggunpo, and its canon can use the 'Broken Armor' skill.                  -
-If You create a Daejanggunpo need the Dragon Horn, Omun's Cannon Fragment, Piece of the Sun, Black Steel ingots, and Sealed Power Shard items.              
-Awakened Demon Ram's Summoned monsters Increased health and 'flame ring' skill has been modified to also apply to attack air monsters.                 
-The weapon of 'Advanced Super Sonic Feather' has been changed to blue feathers with the launch image.               
-Fixed it has been adjusted for coverage 'The range of 'dance of death' counterattack skill in 'Aduksini'.                    
-Monster Weapon Skills will no longer cast targets that already used this skill to the enemy.             
-Fixed a problem where items could not be selected when Mercenary was changed while wearing items.                   
-Fixed a situation where registration was not possible intermittently during Registration Mercenary through Personal Shop.             
-Fixed the problem that the client was intermittently down during artisan skill acquisition.                
-Fixed a problem in which monsters' skill abilities were increased abnormally when investing.             
-We Fixed a problem that a situation where the client was intermittently dropped when giving up the quest.              
-We Fixed a problem that sometimes could not be done Hero Scenario.                 
-'Cho Chul Hee`s Giftbox' item has been deleted.              
-Dealer_WonDahm' Item are arrived.                   

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