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Dear Merchants!

There will be will be a server update:

 - Time : 2018-6-18 21:00 ~ 22:00 (Global Server Time)(1 hours extension)
 - Details : Game server could be unavailable during this time due to this Update.

Thank you for understanding.

The Great Merchant Customer Service Team



[Patch V27816]
1.Top monsters Enhanced Chaosmon has been added.
- The NPC 'Messenger of the vidya raja' is at 10 o'clock in Sumeru. He can help enhancement mission.
- Enhaced Hired Chaos can be Enhaced with Hired Chaos Mon + maple stone x 50 + Dark Tablet(WT) x 25 + tail fur filled maple color x 50 + Gale flame x 25+ Monster Soul x 50 +Source of Power x 2 + Awaken Stone x 3.
- Enhaced Hired Chaos Mon monsters receive a bonus of all total stats /10 and stats and resistances change.
- "Enhanced Chaos Mon" 's "Dragon Wind" skill is physical line, damage to enemies of the Straight line and is affected by vitality.
- The "Dragon Wind" skill of "Enhanced Chaos Mon" reduces the physical resistance by 10% and slows down movement for 15 seconds.
- The "Dragon Wind" skill of "Enhanced Chaos Mon" deals 50% damage to air monsters against ground monsters.
- If you have Enhanced Chaos Mon, you can not hire Chaos Mon anymore.

2. Enhanced system of Hero 'Peacemaker' has been added.
- The 'Cemetery NPC' at the Forest of Soul helps Hero's Soul Stone exchange and Hero enhancement mission.
- Hero's can be Enhaced using 'Hero's Soul Stone' and 'Awaken Stone'.
- Enhanced Hero has all total stats of 1/5 as a bonus, and resistance changes.
- 'Enhanced Peacemaker' can use 'Thunderbolt spell' skill and inflict 5% of total health damage to all enemies below 9th grade and stun for a short time.
- 'Enhanced Peacemaker' 'Thunderbolt spell' can inflict 2.5% of your total health damage to 10 grade enemies.
- 'When the Thunderbolt spell 'skill is activated, a lighting marble appears over the Monster's head, which also applies to party play. It can not be reused until the beads disappear.
- If you use Rebirth on the Enhanced General, you will return to the previous Enhaced Hero.

3. Enhanced Hero 'Master Seosan' Scenario Mode has been added.
- Path to Chooncheon 'Guardian Spirit' You can enter the Forest of Soul and hero resting place through the Portal at the back.
- You can go back to Master Seosan's past events through the Soul of the Kato NPC in the hero resting place and the number of uses is 5 times per day.
  (The number of uses is shared with Temporal Vortex, Hero resting place.)
- You can use two modes, [Scenario] and [Normal], which are available regardless of the nationality of the main character.
- In Scenario Mode, only the Main character and Scenario Required Generals participate in the Battle, and the longevity must be at the First of the mercenary slots.
- Enhanced Hero will be defeated if Death in Scenario Mode.Not applicable in normal mode.
- Normal mode is available after Scenario Mode is completed. As the difficulty increases, Monster's character points and item acquisition opportunities increase.
- Normal mode can be entered with 5 men including mercenaries without longevity limit.
- Items acquired at hero resting place are needed for Enhaced Hero, item enhancement and evolution.

4. Closet to store clothes has been added.
- A wardrobe tab has been added to the Share Item Tavern in town.
- Wardrobe can store clothes and 'Wardrobe information' button allows you to check the list of clothes that can be stored.
- Depending on the amount of clothing stored in the closet, you can earn additional bonus stats with the Main character, and you can check additional stats via the "Closet description" button.
- Duplicate storage of the same clothes is impossible.
- Before Soulbound, Untradable, Time limited items are not available for archiving.
- The closet will be available for the first 25 slot and can be further expanded via subsequent items.

5.attribute Accessory item creation has been added.
- You can make it through the 'attribute shaman_Wan' NPC at the top on the Mongolian village Ulan Bator.
- Items that can be made are Bracelet and Gaiter, which increases stats and attribute damage.
- You can confirm Materials through 'attribute shaman_Wan'NPC.

6. The following Monster has been added.
- 'Kimon Master (??' has been added to 'Shaolin Temple', and Kimoon Elders and Kimoon Looter have become stronger, and they will appear as Combination Monster.
- 'Kimoon Master' will drop items such as 'Amaterasu Shoes', 'Burst Lightening Stone', 'Thunder Soul Stone', 'Ancient Sinsu Essence' and 'Small Stone has with the attribute of Thunder'.
- 'Thousand Year Lake', 'Gale Ahuta (Wind)' Monster has been added, and the Sorceress Ghost, Sorceress is stronger and the Combination Monster pops up.
- 'Gale Ahuta (Wind)' will drop items such as 'Amaterasu Gloves', 'Gale flame', 'Maple Stone', 'Ancient Sinsu Essence' and 'Small Stone has with the attribute of Wind'.
- The Monsters add the drop small Essence of Madness(Untradable) when solo play.

7. conqure the base has been changed to Nationality Punitive expedition
- Every Saturday from 7 pm,  Available join into up to 1 millionFighting Skill Point and and order of arrival 40 people can participate, Move on selected Battle Map then 'Punishing expedition' hunting 'Burning Flame monster'.
- If you connect or reconnect after 7pm on Saturday, the Join button will disappear. If you want to join, you need have to connect before the start time.
- 'Burning Flame monster' uses 'reversal', 'Breach', 'flame curse' and 'immune Melee Attack' skills.
- The 'reversal' skill sprays lava from under feet and damages up to 10 people.
- The 'Breach' skill drops a bat and damages up to 5 people.
- The 'flame curse' skill reduces one Fighting skill, and Monster curse unlocked a certain number of times.
- 'Burning Flame monster' When using the 'immune Melee Attack' skill, Close in weapon wearers not have a high chance to damaging in hit resistance mode.
- You can use 'Breach', 'Sneak', 'Defense', 'heals' skill depending on the weapon worn by the Main character.
- You can use additional damage with Dangun Mirror, Minion Depending.
- Punitive expedition Battle maps do not show Dangun Mirror, Minion, or Spirit.
- A country that succeeds in punitive expedition within the time limit of 30 minutes will be granted the status of a winning country.
- Punitive expedition In case of success, You can get 1st place (Quality Punitive expeditionBox 2), 2nd place (Quality Punitive expeditionBox 1, Normal Punitive expeditionBox 1), 3rd place (Normal Punitive expeditionBox 1), and Other participants may receive one (Normal Punitive expeditionBox 1).
- In winning country, main character gets 5% more experience, and can get 'Victory Coin (Untradable)' according to Monster rating.
- The winning country of the last week Monster damage reduced by 50% before participating in Punitive expedition.
- During the party play, the winning country benefits can only to the character who hunted Monster directly.
- If you switch to a great country using Naturalization Papers, you can get the benefits.
- Nationality Punitive expedition is not allowed to participate in duplicate same IP.
- 'Punitive expeditionBox(Untradable)' pop up with Victory Coin(Untradable), Food, Samgyetang, Immortality, Everything Goes-1day(Untradable), Scroll of Transformation(Dhrtarastra)-1day(Untradable), Essence of Madness(Untradable), small Essence of Madnes(Untradable), Spirit Pill-1day(Untradable), Speedy Travel-1day(Untradable), Provoke-1day(Untradable), Phoenix Feather(Untradable), Piece of Awaken Stone, Enchantment keeper, Small stone has with the attribute of flame, Flaming flame fragment, Blazing lava lump , Certificate of Expand Closet(Untradable), Herding(Untradable) and Amaterasu Coffin Diagram ETC.
- 'Punitive expedition Box (Untradable)' is divided into two with Normal and Quality. And there is a good chance of getting good items In Quality expedition Box.
- Punitive expedition Previous participants will not be able to use the Naturalization Papers and Book of the vocation transfer until 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm on Saturdays during Punitive expedition

8. The following has been corrected / added.
- Enhanced Peacemaker', 'Fernando' Combination skill 'Fury of thunder' has been added.
- "Soul of Mighty Khan (Wind)" and "Desert Kirin (Wind)" drop another "Small stone has with the attribute of Wind".
- "Desert Kirin (??" monster No more drop the "Ancient Sinsu Essence" items.
- The drop rate of Stone of a Water attributes dropped by each attribute monsters has been increased.
- 'Dhrtarastra', 'Virudhaka', 'Virupaksa', 'Vaisravana', 'Enhanced Super Sonic', 'Enhanced Ghosthound', 'Enhanced Guheyaka', 'Enhanced Master Seosan ', 'Sacred White Tiger', 'Sacred Vermillion', 'Sacred Blue Dragon', 'Sacred Black Tortoise', 'Sacred Kirin', 'Zhao Shou', 'Sunmo', 'Parvati', 'Honganji', 'Beast king Fierce Tiger', 'Daejanggun Kim Yushin', 'Bal Seokguh', 'Emporor Yoo Bang', 'Euna', 'Ganesha', 'Peacemaker', 'Quake Tank', 'Seige Tank', 'Firedrake', 'Viper', 'accurate Fernando', 'Fernandes', 'Enhanced Euna', 'Lasya', 'Improved Volt', 'Toranosuke', 'King Hanwoo', 'Master Seosan ', 'Yumin', 'Sesunokami', 'Hanuman', 'Arjuna', 'Capped Ram', 'Minamoto', 'Empress Mishil', 'Asumi', 'Aohangji', 'Enhaced Aohangji', 'Enhaced Siho', 'Enhanced Sesunokami' image has been changed to 32-bit.
- 'Dhrtarastra', 'Virudhaka', 'Virupaksa' attack motion has been improved.
- You can use the 'Masamune' NPC on the right side of Japan Takayama to convert 10 small attribute stones to 1 attribute stone.
- Shop Sale Price of 'Beads constantly of lightning' and 'A burning piece of Ashes' has been increased.
- The drop rate of 'tail fur filled maple color' has been significantly increased.
- Fixed a problem where the client was down when acquiring acquire skill from Expert Smith.
- Fixed a change problem with can not be learned to Skill on the Special Skill NPC
- Fixed a change in the size of the chat window when converting a chat window hotkeys.
- You will pay to a transfer fee when move on requested area on Collecting or Mining.
- In the 'friends list' and 'member of shop list', the party leader has been changed to be able to invite party members with a right click of the mouse.
- Fixed an issue where skill list (Mythril) did not print normally with can be learned through 'Expert Miner Rahooni' NPC
- Arrived the 'Dealer_WonDahm' Item.
- We have added the stat information for character stat investment so that it can be confirmed by a popup window.
- We have added able to change Mercenary position by mouse drag.
- Fixed want to change the mercenary, press the left mouse button for 1 second or longer to change the position.
- Added to show the time that can be changed mercenary again after changing position.
- Quest Alert has been added
- If you check Quest quest mission in progress, can register in the right side of the screen.
- You can register up to 5 Quests that can be counted.
- Fixed a Artisan(Collecting or Mining)list of possible items that did not print normally.
- Added the ability to delete the entire message.
- You can added items to empty slot by right clicking the mouse.
- You have added a related tool tip to the calculator window when you move an inventory item to drop or give item to mercenary.
- If you retreat immediately after the start of combat, experience point messages have been removed.
- After the end of the battle, the experience credits will been change up to display Thousand point.
- The Whisper UI has been improved.
- Chat UI has been improved.
- Added a homepage link to character description when creating a character.
- 'Supersonic Attack' The skill shortcut has been changed to F
- Fixed a problem where the client was shut down intermittently when visiting a building and Visit Town.
- You can make 'Amaterasu Coffin' items from Armory.


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