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Dear Merchants!

There will be will be a server update:

 - Time : 2018-9-26 21:00 ~ 22:00 (Global Server Time)(1 hours)

Thank you for understanding.

The Great Merchant Customer Service Team



1. Special area "Taoist hermit valley" has been added.
- The story begins after four 'fragmented Force Beads' scattered from 'Gajin' body go to 'Taoist hermit valley'.            
- Taoist hermit valley is located at the top of China Shunde Town.
- The Taoist hermit valley is divided into 'virtuous person`s Town', 'Villain`s Town', 'bamboo forest of Fox fairy' and unspecified place.
- Quest for Taoist hermit valley has been added and can obtained Quest from 'White Tiger 2nd Leader_Choi' at the entrance.                                                                                              
- The 'virtuous person`s Town' place is where the mission and the manufacturing NPC reside.
- Attribute monster (Wind) is Appear at 'Villain`s Town'.
- Attribute monster (Thunder) is Appear at ''bamboo forest of Fox fairy' place
- Juvenile monsters appear in the general field.
- Evil Taoist_ Iron-Crutch Li(wind)' monster will drop  'Small stone has with the attribute of Wind', 'fragmented Force Beads(wind)', 'Iron-Crutch Li`s Gourd bottle', 'Black tiger Claw', 'Ring of Batu ' item.
- Black tigher(wind)' monster will drop 'Small stone has with the attribute of Wind', 'fragmented Force Beads(wind)', 'Black tigherLeather', 'Fragmented Formation book', 'Phoenix Claws' item.
- Hobo_seob(wind)' monster will drop  'Small stone has with the attribute of Wind', 'fragmented Force Beads(wind)', 'Nine Ring Sword', 'Fragmented Formation book', 'Essence of Life' item.
- Ronin_Baegaek(wind)' monster will drop  'Small stone has with the attribute of Wind', 'fragmented Force Beads(wind)', 'Star Sword', 'Fragmented Battle Plan book', 'Essence of Life' item                                                                                        
- Schemer_Pill(wind)' monster will drop  'Small stone has with the attribute of Wind., 'fragmented Force Beads(wind)', 'fan made with feather of crane', 'Fragmented Battle Plan book', 'Essence of Abyss' item.                                                                                      
- Senior_huhdang (wind)' monster will drop  'Small stone has with the attribute of Wind',' fragmented Force Beads(wind)', 'Demon Moktak', 'Fragmented Formation book', 'Wrist guards of general Batu' item.                                                                                      
- Wanderer musician_Beauty(wind)' monster will drop  'Small stone has with the attribute of Wind', 'fragmented Force Beads(wind)', 'Cracked geomungo', 'Fragmented Battle Plan book', 'Old Poppy Doll' item.                                                                                            
- Evil Monk_daegil(wind)' monster will drop  'Small stone has with the attribute of Wind', 'fragmented Force Beads(wind)', 'Evil Monk`s  prayer beads', 'Fragmented Battle Plan book', 'shoes of general Batu ' item.                                                                                           
- Fox fairy_milang(Thunder)' monster will drop  'Small stone has with the attribute of Thunder', 'fragmented Force Beads(Thunder)', 'Fox fairy`s thunder ball', 'Thunder marble', 'Emperor Ring' item.                                                                                          
- Third Tailed Fox(Thunder)' monster will drop  'Small stone has with the attribute of Thunder', 'fragmented Force Beads(Thunder)', 'Third Tailed Fox`s cercus', 'Fragmented Battle Plan book', 'Wyvern Beads' item.                                                                                              
- Myoah(Thunder)' monster will drop  'Small stone has with the attribute of Thunder', 'fragmented Force Beads(Thunder)', 'Myoah`s cercus', 'Fragmented Formation book', 'Ninja Doll' item.                                                                                         
- loga(Thunder)' monster will drop  'Small stone has with the attribute of Thunder',' fragmented Force Beads(Thunder)', 'loga`s Horns', 'Fragmented Formation book', 'Blue Dragon Helmet' item.                                                                                           
- Guardian Archer_Tae Jin(Thunder)'monster will drop  'Small stone has with the attribute of Thunder', 'fragmented Force Beads(Thunder)', 'Thunderbolt Arrowhead', 'Fragmented Battle Plan book', 'Essence of Abyss' item.                                                                                           
- When fighting with these monsters will drop the item 'Little Essence of Madness (Untradable)'. But Does not work on party battles.                                                                                         

2. 'Virudhaka' and 'Virupaksa' exclusive use Lokapala ticket item has been added.
- Player can create a Lokapala ticket from the 'Messanger of indra' NPC in Sumeru.                                                                                        
- 'Virudhaka ticket' Summon the 'Little Virudhaka' for 30 seconds if the Player is attacked or when attack the enemy.                                                                                         
- 5% of 'Virudhaka' Attribute Damage is added while 'Little Virudhaka' summoned.
- 'Little Virudhaka' uses 'Thunder Dragon Attack' skill when Attack 2 times lightning bolts arrow.
- Thunder Dragon Attack' skill applies Magical Damage to enemies on the ground and in the air on the straight line.
- Virudhaka ticket' Summon the 'Little Virudhaka' for 30 seconds if the Player is attacked or when attack the enemy.
- 'Little Virupaksa' will summoned to around beaten monster or wounded monsters.
- 'Virupaksa' 5% of Attribute Damage will added while 'Little Virupaksa' is summoned.
- If "Little Virupaksa" suffers damage beyond the some specified Damage Little Virupaksa will cast a "Gale" skill.
- The 'Gale' skill deals damage to a wide range of enemies on the ground.
- Summoned 'little Lokapala' are affected by the total stats and resistance point of the summoner.

3. Attribute Accessories item reinforcement has been added.
- Mongol Town Reinforcement is possible through the 'Attribute shaman_Wan' NPC at the top of Ulan Bator.
- 'Attribute shaman_Wan' Added 'Attribute Powder' item to NPC's Manufacture item.
- 'Attribute shaman_Wan' It is possible to check 'Attribute Powder' item material through NPC.
- Attribute Equipment reinforcement consumes the goods and Fee.
- Once the maximum reinforcement has been completed, the Attribute Equipment is added with a set effectiveness point.

4. Formation/Battle Plan system has been added.
- Taoist hermit valley NPC 'Xiangzi' quest completion compensation then Player can use Formation / Battle Plan when using 'Formation' item obtained.
- 'Jang garod'NPC help to make Battle Plan book, Formation book and give the Item Manufacture Mission at Taoist hermit valley.
- Formation menu is available by right-clicking the mouse under the main character.
- Formation raises the Status point of the placed mercenary.
- The numbers displayed on the formations indicate the mercenary window slot number and the mercenary (Over hero and Upgrademonster) of that slot number is automatically placed.
- The Battle Plan increases the Attack Damage of the mercenary placed on the Formation.
- Battle Plan of fire' increases Attack damage of Fire Attribute mercenary. And Player need to participate in the Dhrtarastra.
- Battle Plan of Water increases Attack damage of Water Attribute mercenary. And Player need to participate in the Vaisravana.
- Battle Plan of Wind' increases Attack damage of WindAttribute mercenary. And Player need to participate in the Virupaksa.
- Battle Plan of Thunder' increases Attack damage of Thunder Attribute mercenary. And Player need to participate in the Virudhaka.
- Player need to participate each lLokapala in the mercenary window to receive the Battle Plan effect when Player play Solo battle.
- Player need to participate each lLokapala in the mercenary window and Placed in a formation to receive the Battle Plan effect when Player play Party battle.
- Player can check Status and Reinforced Information, Set the Formation and Battle Plan through Manage Battle Plan Formation UI.
- The Reinforcement required item must have in a main character's inventory when reinforcing a Battle Plan Formation.
- Formation information can be saved through the select button of Battle Plan Formation UI.

5. Awaken system of hero 'Asumi' has been added.
- The 'Cemetery NPC' guides Soul Stone exchange and mercenary Awaken Mission at the Forest of Soul.
- Player can Awaken hero using 'Hero's Soul Stone' and 'AwakenStone' items.
- Player receive bonus points for the total of heroes stat points divided by 5 that hero has total points, and then all stats and resistance will change at Awaken times.
- 'Awaken Asumi' uses 'Deathblow' skill and is affected by Agility and Vitality point.
- Summoned 'Awaken Asumi' using the 'Kunoichi summon' skill. Kunoichi can damage only the ground monster. Reduces the Magical Resistance and Physical Strength of the affected monster for a period of time.
- If Player use Rebirth item for Awaken hero Then Player will return to hero status.
6. Nationality Punitive expedition System changes and monster have been added.
- 40 player only can join with this condition.This player need to has over 1 million attack power and we count to order of arrival every pm 7 Saturdays.
- If player connect or reconnect after 7pm on Saturday, the Join button will disappear. player will have to connect before the start time if want to join.
- The 'Desert flying Dragon' monster has been added and Nation punitive expedition target monster will change weekly.
- The 'Desert flying Dragon' uses 'Breach', 'gale', 'Vortex curse' and 'All attack Immunity' skill.
- Breach' skill is The desert flying Dragon's massive foot attacks the attacker and damages up to 10 people.
- The 'gale' skill is a huge Vortex created by The Desert flyingDragon that surrounds the attacker to damages up 10 people.
- Vortex curse' skill reduces the attack power of one attacker. Curse will released when player hit monster a certain number of times.
- The desert flyingDragon' when health will below 50% then it use the 'all attack immunity' skill and the attacker gets a low chance of damaging to monster.
- Player can use 'Breach', 'Sneak', 'Defense', or 'Healing' skill depending on the weapon the main character wears.
- Whether Player use on Dangun Mirror, Minion Depending additional Damage.
- Dangun Mirror, Minion, and Spirit are not visible on it at Punitive expedition battle maps.
- Time limit The first successful Punitive expedition on 30 minutes will receive the status of Great country title.
- Punitive expedition In the success, according to the accumulated damage, the first winner(Quality Punitive expeditionBox 2), the second winner(Quality Punitive expeditionBox, Normal Punitive expeditionBox), the third winner(Normal Punitive expeditionBox)and The player who puts the other Damage on the monster can receive Normal Punitive expedition Box.
- Great country title acquire main character acquires additional 5% point of experience to monster hunting.also can acquire Victory Coin (Untradable) according to monster rank.
- Last week, the Great Country has a 50% reduction in Damage to Monster when player is in Punitive expedition.
- Player will get benefit from the Great country title with hunted the monster directly when Player join the Party Play.
- Naturalization Papers and Career books will help Player get these benefits when Player switch to the Great country.
- Nationality Punitive expedition Previously, duplication in the same IP will not allow participation.
- The desert flyingDragon's Punitive expeditionBox(Untradable)' will drop Victory Coin(Untradable),Food,Samgyetang,Immortality,Everything Goes- 1day(Untradable),Scroll of TransFormation(Virupaksa)- 1day(Untradable),Essence of Madness(Untradable),LittleEssence of Madness(Untradable),Spirit Pill- 1day(Untradable),Seven League Boots- 1day(Untradable),Provoke- 1day(Untradable),Phoenix Feather(Untradable),Piece of Awaken Stone,Enchantment keeper,Small stone has with the attribute of Wind,The desert flying dragon`s sinew,The desert flying dragon`s wing bone,Certificate of Expand Closet(Untradable),Herding(Untradable),Amaterasu Armor Diagram etc.
- 'Punitive expeditionBox (Untradable) of' The desert flyingDragon 'is divided into Normal and Quality, and there is a high probability that a good item comes out in the Quality box.
- Punitive expedition war Participants will not be allowed to use the Naturalization Papers and Career book items until pm7: 00 to 7:30 Saturday when the Punitive expedition war is in progress.

7. The Exchange of suites event has been added.
- Exchange of Suit Quest has been added and Player can get it at the NPC 'hyujeong_Seosan Master' at 5 o'clock direction on Exchanged.
- The NPC 'yujeong_Samyung' guides Manufacture, reinforcement, and help exchange missions at 5 o'clock direction on Exchange.
- Player can manufacture and reinforce the 'loyalty prayer beads (Untradable)' from the NPC 'yujeong_Samyung' using the item obtained from the Exchange of suit quest compensation.
- Maximum reinforcement 'loyalty prayer beads (+5) -Untradable' can be exchanged for suit and hat from NPC 'yujeong_Samyung'.
- Exchange of suit event will run until October 9th. NPC, Seosan`s Lost Beads (Untradable), Thin knot Thread (Untradable), Offerings (Untradable) and loyalty prayer beads-Untradable items will be deleted in a lump after patch.
8. The following are added and modified.
- Now is possible to release it by right clicking the mouse when equipped item is added it.
- Fixed an error where mouse clicks were not normally done when items were stored and removed in the production facility warehouse.
- Lokapala Participated is available at the Tavern mission and added Lokapala [Special Mission].
- We added that it possible to use useable item continuously when Player press and hold the right mouse button on it.
- Have added to 'add friend function' to right-clicking Character name at in Chat, Announcement, and whisper window.
- NPC portrait changed to 32 bit.
- Vermillion ticket' and 'Trinket [Monkey]' no longer copy 'Rune Song' and 'Broken Armor'.
- Awaken Euna, Awaken Drillmobile, and Awaken Super Sonic skill sounds have been added.
- Awaken Sesunokami 's skill has been modified to with abnormally reduce the monster' s resistance point.
- Thunder marble 'weapon skill changed to' flare '.
- The drop rate of Little Essence of Madness item has been reduced.
- Fixed a problem where the messages to move Auction are not clicked when message with the Scroll of Dungeon Portal, and Lee Myung Hwa's Teleport messages are overlapped.
- Fixed a problem that some items did not display that not possible to wear items.
- Fixed the problem that time limit items was not released.
- Improved the item in inventory to be able to swaps with each items.
- Improved the ability to discard to the floor when using items directly.
- The blinking item description window has been Fixed when using item.
- When reconnecting from Auction has been changed to connect to each country's Exchange entrance.
- India nationality Character will be connected to Korea Exchange entrance.
- Damage point of 'Kunoichi' summoned by 'Awaken Asumi' has been increased.
- Increased the 25 Vitality point of 'BlueDragonSuit'.
- Increased 50 Wisdom point of ''Blue Dragon Helmet'.
- Increased the 25 Wisdom point of 'White Tiger Headband'.
- The number of objects in one crowd of Evil Monk_daegil (wind) monster has been adjusted.
- Fixed a problem where the explanation of the menu displayed by right clicks on Other Person Character seems abnormal.
- Only the main character has been changed to allow food storage in share item storage.
- Fixed a problem where the description of the menu displayed by right clicks to other Person Character seems abnormal.
- Fixed a cracked phenomenon on the calculator window when loading goods with Purse inventory, share item storage.
- Fixed the problem that item does not click when using inventory usage or share item storage.
- Fixed a situation where the minimap relevant Location was not clicked when minimized.
- Fixed the phenomenon that the click of the item was not possible intermittently when mercenary Trade.
- Fixed the problem of moving to an abnormal position when using Sesunokami skill from Awaken Sesunokami's Command of Shogun.
- Awaken Sesunokami's Command of Shogun skill has been Fixed with A phenomenon where characters have disappeared intermittently.
- Fixed a problem reduce mana even when did summon was not Complete when using a skill that summons Awaken Asumi Kunoichi.
- Added a directional indicator to indicate the direction in which the flat shape skill moves.
- Fixed a problem where Sinsu Kirin, Black Tortoise, and White Tiger did not apply the previous skill of Battle buddy, Lasya shield, and monster.         
- Sinsu White Tiger's jump skill delay has been deleted.
- Fixed an error that the inventory information was not output properly while the system menu was turned on.
- Wondam's item arrived.

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